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Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists

Membership in the Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP) is automatic for TPA members enrolled in an ACPE-accredited School or College of Pharmacy. More than 1,100 student pharmacists in Tennessee are members of TPA/TSSP!
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TPA/TSSP hosts events that are just FUN, as well as programs to help you become a well-connected, well-informed practitioner and advocate for your profession and your patients. There’s no better way for you to get to know students across the state who may be your future colleagues or lifelong friends. Students in all six of Tennessee’s Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy are actively involved and well-represented in TSSP.

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Which of your classmates are representing YOU and your school in TPA/TSSP? Click here!

What Does TPA Do?

Nutshell10345763_sCROPIn a nutshell, TPA advocates for the health of patients and the future of the pharmacy profession in Tennessee. TPA is the only organization that represents all pharmacists and student pharmacists in the state. TSSP focuses on students, representing all the student pharmacists in all Schools and Colleges of Pharmacy in Tennessee.

So, what do you get for your $20 annual membership dues? Here are just a few highlights:

  • NETWORKING – Social, Educational, Professional & Political! Want to connect right away? Join TSSP on Facebook and  connect with student pharmacists across Tennessee.
  • LEADERSHIP SKILLS – Serve on committees, in the House of Delegates, on the TSSP Executive Committee, or contact a Member-at-Large in your school to learn about other opportunities in TSSP. In addition, keep your eye out for TPA’s annual Professional Development and Leadership Conference in August, especially for students and new practitioners.
  • STUDENT MEETING – Attend the TSSP Annual Meeting in Nashville each February, and enjoy the company of student pharmacists from across the state.
  • INFORMATION – Legislative, regulatory and many other pharmacy-related updates in print, by email and online.
  • DISCOUNTS – HUGE discounts for student attendance at all TPA meetings and events and eligibility for Annual Convention registration scholarships.
  • AFFORDABLE MEMBERSHIP DUES – Only $20 each year you are in school.

TSSP Executive Committee

Jake Peters (ETSU)
Phone: 423-647-5995
Alaine-Knecht PRESIDENT
Alaine Knecht (UT)
Phone: 225-939-3347
Shelby Blalock (Belmont)
Phone: 270-227-1701
Sara Brandon (ETSU)
Phone: 931-409-7521
Laken Bush (UT)
Phone: 901-606-6531
Kaci Foster (UT)
Phone: 423-494-6338
 Rebecca-Headden MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Rebecca Headden (Union)
Dana Hembree (South)
Phone: 423-494-9305
Spencer-Hodges MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Spencer Hodges (ETSU)
Phone: 828-964-2090
Amy Li (Belmont)
Phone: 404-543-8841
Brittany-Powers MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Brittany Powers (Union)
Phone: 256-338-8874
Justin-Reinhert MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Justin Reinert (South)
Phone: 484-332-7002
Natalie-Scarbrough MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Natalie Scarbrough (Lipscomb)
Phone: 865-228-1666
Kera Sumner (Belmont)
Phone: 912-286-5372
Lindsey-Watson MEMBER-AT-LARGE
Lindsey Watson (Lipscomb)
Phone: 615-887-3642