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2021 Winter Meetings | Agenda



  • Thursday, February 18
    • Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP) Winter Meeting, Session 1 (Evening)
  • Friday, February 19
    • Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP) Winter Meeting, Session 2 (Evening)
  • Saturday, February 20
    • Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP) Winter Meeting, Session 3 (Morning)
    • Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) Organizational Meetings, House of
      Delegates, and Reception
  • Sunday, February 21
    • Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) Winter Meeting
  • Monday, February 22
    • Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) Winter Meeting
    • Sponsor and Exhibitor General Expo and Reverse Expo
    • Virtual Legislative Meetings
  • Tuesday, February 23
    • Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) Winter Meeting
    • Virtual Legislative Hill Visits
    • Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) Poster Presentations


Meeting registrants will receive email containing access to Whova, our online meeting portal, which provides more details about the meetings, sessions and speakers listed below. Whova also provides all of the links needed to access the meeting, as well as access to our sponsors, exhibitors, and the continuing education portal to claim your CE credits.

Tennessee Society of Student Pharmacists (TSSP) Winter Meeting
THURSDAY, February 18
6:00p‑7:30p“For Patients” Session— Dr. Sarah BlevinsShow up to this session wearing your favorite mask, as we get to know each other and prepare for an exciting meeting. Dr. Sarah Blevins, an expert in the field, will be discussing ways to approach sensitive topics with patients, such as PEP and PrEP.
7:30p‑8:00pTSSP President-Elect Speeches
FRIDAY, February 19
4:00p‑5:30p“For Pharmacists” Session— Dr. Jaclyn Boyle
— Dr. Ana Simonyan
Wear colors from your favorite team for tonight’s session. Two pharmacists from The Happy PharmD will discuss How to Overcome Impostor Phenomenon and Maximize Your Potential.
5:30p‑6:00p TSSP Cocktail/Mocktail Hour
SATURDAY, February 20
10:00a‑11:30a“For Tennessee” Session
“Business up top, party on the bottom” is the theme for this session. Dr. Lucy Shell will provide an update on important legislative issues in the state and discuss how you can make a difference.
11:30a‑12:00pTSSP Transfer of Leadership
Tennessee Society of Health-System Pharmacists (TSHP) Winter Meeting
SUNDAY, February 21
9:00a‑10:00aTreatment and Prevention of Venous Thromboembolism in Cancer Patients— Dr. Angie McGraw 
10:05a‑11:05aCOVID Treatments – Remdesivir, Antivirals, and Steroids— Dr. Amanda Gillion and Dr. Chelsea Mitchell
11:10a‑12:10pDual Antiplatelet Therapy: When Is It Appropriate and For How Long?— Dr. Brandon Cave
1:00p‑2:00pReady, Set, Prep: ASHP Site Survey Tips for a Successful Survey— Dr. Jennifer Bean
2:05p‑4:05pClinical Practice Pearls
MONDAY, February 22
1:00p‑3:00pGeneral Expo Open
TUESDAY, February 23
1:00p‑3:00pOpen Forum with Poster Presenters
Poster presenters will be available to discuss their pharmacy research virtually during this time. However,  you may view their posters and read their abstracts HERE at any time between Friday, Feb. 19, at noon, until Friday, Feb. 26, at midnight.
Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) Winter Meeting,
SATURDAY, February 20
1:00p‑2:00pTPA Committee Meetings
Please check the online schedule to see which committees are meeting, as many have found other times to meet.
2:00p‑3:30pTPA Society Meetings
3:30p‑5:00pTPA House of Delegates
5:00p‑6:00pTPA Reception for TPA Meeting registrants only
MONDAY, February 22
8:00a‑9:00aDiscussion with Senator Shane Reeves
9:05a‑10:35aTPA Advocacy Update: The 2021 Legislative Landscape in TennesseeDr. Lucy Shell
10:40a‑12:10pMedication Use Quality: Why It Matters in PharmacyDr. Micah Cost
1:00p‑3:00pGeneral Expo Open 
1:00p‑4:00pLegislative Meetings
TPA has scheduled 30-minute virtual meetings to provide opportunities for you to speak face-to-face with legislators in your area who choose to participate. Meeting times for all legislators are listed HERE. Note that all Tennessee Senators and Representatives have been invited to participate, but this does not guarantee they will be in attendance. 
TUESDAY, February 23
9:00a‑10:00aSCOTUS: What It Means and What Is NextMatt Magner, JD
10:05a‑11:05aTennessee Board of Pharmacy Winter UpdateDr. Reginald Dilliard
11:10a‑12:10pTennessee Department of Health Update
1:00p‑4:00pLegislative Meetings – On Your Own
Please contact Lindsey Inman at or 615-256-3023.