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Thank you for making TPA YOUR professional association. We are excited to offer new options to make TPA dues more affordable and convenient! You can read about them below, then scroll a little further down to “GET STARTED“. If you prefer, you may download the paper Application/Renewal form.

Why Join TPA? Read about some of the invaluable benefits of TPA membership. If you have any questions, please contact us!

SMALL AUTOMATIC MONTHLY PAYMENTS: If the annual dues for your category are $50 or more, you can choose to pay them monthly! Your debit/credit card will be stored securely and charged automatically each month for just 1/12 of your category’s annual dues. (Your 12th payment may be a few pennies more to make up any shortfall.) You will receive a receipt each month when your card is charged. NOTE: If you’re already a TPA member, you may convert to monthly dues payments when you renew your membership.

AUTOMATIC ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP RENEWAL: If the annual dues for your category are $50 or more, you can choose to have your membership automatically renewed next year. Your debit/credit card will be stored securely and, in a year from now, it will be charged automatically for a single payment in the amount of your annual dues. You’ll receive a receipt and a renewal confirmation.

Also, any time you choose to store your card, you can use it for event registrations and other future purchases on our website, making all your TPA checkout experiences faster and easier.

To GET STARTED, please identify your membership category below and select the payment frequency you prefer.. We look forward to serving you! If you have any questions, please never hesitate to contact TPA.

Pharmacists Who Live OR Work in Tennessee

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Pharmacists Who Live AND Work OUTSIDE Tennessee

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2023 Graduating Pharmacists and/or 2023-2024 Residents/Fellows

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Student Pharmacists

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Pharmacy Technicians

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Associates (for any individual who is interested in the goals of pharmacy practice in Tennessee, but who is not a pharmacist, student pharmacist or pharmacy technician)

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