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New Practitioners

Welcome to the Pharmacy Profession!

2019 New Practitioner's Tool KitThe term “new practitioner” means different things to different pharmacists. If you think of yourself as a new practitioner, you are a new practitioner, and as such, you’re likely to have questions, challenges, and special interests different from those of pharmacists who have been practicing for several years.

As you transition into your pharmacy career, know that TPA works for you, and beside you, to positively impact pharmacy practice in Tennessee. If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to a member of our staff.

Check Out 5 Great Ways to GET STARTED, GET CONNECTED, GET INVOLVED, And Get the Most Out of Your TPA Membership!
1.Stay Up-to-Date on Important Issues and Upcoming Events — Update Your TPA Profile!

TPA’s main channel of communication is through email, but you’ll also want to keep your full TPA profile updated to ensure you’re receiving everything your membership has to offer.

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2.Apply to Be a Member of a Committee (APPLICATIONS ACCEPTED IN THE FALL)

TPA recently formed an ad hoc New Practitioner Committee!

Do you want to develop, implement, and expand novel TPA programs while engaging new practitioners and recent graduates in various activities and initiatives within TPA? If so, consider applying to join the TPA ad hoc New Practitioner Committee. This is a great way to get involved as a new practitioner and be a leader within the profession. Watch for information about applying for this and other committee and leadership opportunities in the fall.

3.Download the New Practitioner’s Tool Kit

Information and resources at your fingertips! Learn about the benefits of your membership in the Tennessee Pharmacists Association, how to get involved, how to become a pharmacy leader, what you need to know as a new practitioner, and how to stay connected! Plus, TPA answers your top 10 questions about transitioning from student to pharmacist!

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4.Get to Know Your Society

As a pharmacist, your TPA membership includes membership in one of the Association’s practice societies. To stay connected with the issues affecting your particular practice focus, learn more about your society and its leadership.

5.Ensure Your Voice is Heard by Utilizing TPA Member Forums

Ever have a question but don’t know who to ask? Want to discuss new topics related to pharmacy practice that you think everyone should know about?

Then hop onto the TPA member forums and start a topic to get the discussion going. This is a great way to connect with members across the state, initiate grassroots advocacy, and let others know how you are impacting patient lives.

Not sure where to begin? Try the TPA member forum specifically designed for new practitioners!

Click here for more information, including instructions and a list of all TPA member forums.

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