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TPA House of Delegates

TPA House of Delegates
The TPA House of Delegates serves to interpret the objectives of TPA as stated in the Constitution and is the legislative and policy-making body of the Association. The House is composed of 110 members, representing each TPA Practice Society, each Tennessee school/college of pharmacy, and the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy. Members are encouraged to volunteer for Delegate positions when TPA calls for leadership nominations each fall.

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Twice each year, during the TPA Winter Meeting and TPA Summer Meeting, the TPA House of Delegates votes on Resolutions submitted by individuals or groups who want TPA to take a specific stance on a specific issue. Resolutions that are adopted by the House of Delegates help guide TPA leaders in setting policies and priorities for the Association.

Resolutions adopted since 1986 can be read in their entirety below.



2020 RESOLUTIONS (click here to read):

20.3 Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP)
20.2 Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT)

2010-2019 RESOLUTIONS (click here to read):

19.1 A Resolution Advocating for Pharmacy Working Environments that Promote Optimal Patient Care
18.4 Patient Freedom of Choice Regarding Access to Pharmacists and Pharmacies
18.3 Medical Cannabis
18.2 Inclusion of Pharmacists as Part of Optimal Team-Based Care in Training Videos
18.1 Pharmacist-Led Community Health Coalitions to Improve Patient Medication Adherence
17.3 A Resolution Urging Dispensers to Submit Names Contained on Government IDs or Insurance Cards to the Controlled Substance Monitoring Database (CSMD)
17.2 A Resolution Advocating for Pharmacy Technician Representation on the Tennessee State Board of Pharmacy
17.1 TPA House of Delegates A Resolution Advocating for Increased Healthcare Access through Pharmacist-Provided Care with the Support of Pharmacy Technicians
16.02 Continuing Education Credit for Actively Precepting Students
16.01 To Honor Dr. Larry D. Calhoun
15.03 Pharmacist Involvement in Opioid Antagonist Management
15.02 To Honor Dr. Baeteena M. Black
14.03 Encouraging the Use of FDA Registered Outsourcing Facilities for Bulk Sterile Compounded Parenteral Products
14.02 To Pursue Legislation to Address the Problems Associated with the Use of MAC Pricing
14.01 Pharmacist Support of Defining and Engaging in Collaborative Pharmacy Practice in Tennessee
13.03 To Pursue More Severe Punishment for Criminal Actions Against Pharmacies, Pharmacists, or Other Dispensing Health Care Providers
13.01 Encouraging Local Pharmacy District Relationships with Student Pharmacists
12.02 To Recognize Pharmacist-Provided Patient Care Services
12.01 To Urge the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy to Remove the Pharmacy Internship Rule Requiring 400 Hours of Practical Experience Outside the Confines of the College
11.01 To Recognize Dick R. Gourley, Pharm.D. for Meritorious Service and Leadership as Dean of the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy
10.04 To Honor and Express Congratulations to Kevin Eidson, Pharm.D., on His Meritorious Service as Executive Director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
10.03 Independence of the Board of Pharmacy
10.02 Controlled Substance Database

2000-2009 RESOLUTIONS (click here to read):

09.01 To Further Efforts by the Tennessee Pharmacists Association to Be Environmentally Conservative in Providing Member Services
08.02 To Mark the 125th Anniversary of the Tennessee Pharmacists Association
08.01 Postgraduate Residency Training
07.03 Implementation of new Medicaid Rule for AMP-based FULs
07.02 Development of New Pharmacy Schools in Tennessee
07.01 Promotion of the Tennessee Universal Medication List
06.4 To Support the Election of a Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Director with Appropriate Qualifications and Salary as Determined by the Board
06.3 To Honor and Express Appreciation to David Pesterfield, Pharmacy Plus Programs and Braden’s Furniture
06.2 To Honor and Express Congratulations to Kendall M. Lynch, D.Ph., on His Meritorious Service as Executive Director of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
05.5 To Call for A New State Contract for “Safety Net” Pharmacy Services
05.4 To Expand Designated Seats in the TPA House of Delegates
05.3 To Observe the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPA Women’s Auxiliary
05.2 Patient Medication List
05.1 To Honor and Express Congratulations to Albert H. Price, D.Ph.
04.7 To Express Congratulations to William E. Evans, Pharm.D.
04.6 Support for the Governor’s Task Force on Methamphetamine Abuse
04.5 To Express Appreciation to Joseph E. Johnson, Ph.D.
04.4 To Express Appreciation to the Members of the 103rd General Assembly for Supporting Funding of a New University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy Building
04.3 To Express Appreciation to the Honorable Phil Bredesen, Governor of Tennessee, for Supporting Funding of a New University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy Building
04.2 To Support the “Asthmatic School Children’s Treatment and Health Maintenance Act of 2003” H.R. 2023
04.01 To Oppose Changes in the Pharmacy Benefit of the State of Tennessee Group Insurance Program
03.08 To Honor Senator Roscoe Dixon
03.07 To Honor Representative Nathan Vaughn
03.06 To Honor and Congratulate Barbara McAndrew on her Meritorious Service as the First Consumer Member of the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy
03.04 Medical Service Supplier
03.03 Support for Pharmacy Benefit Manager Company Regulation
03.02 Requiring the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry to Package Prescription Medication in Unit-of-Use Packaging
03.01 TennCare Pharmacy Co-Pays
02.05 Support of Personnel Training Regarding Prescription Transcriptions
02.04 Support for the Tennessee Arthritis Action Plan
02.03 To Honor Marcia Williams
02.02 To Honor Representative Shelby A. Rhinehart
02.01 Recommendation for the Allowance of an Emergency Drug Kit Containing Controlled Substances in Long Term Care Facilities
01.06 Support of Proposed National Legislation Affecting Pharmacy
01.05 Opposition to Medicare Discount Card Proposal
00.11 Third Class of Drugs
00.10 Opposition to Implementation of New Medicaid AWP Prices
00.9 In Memory of Senator Kenneth (“Pete”) Springer
00.8 To Honor Douglas Anthony (Tony) Powers
00.7 Right to Unlimited Access to Disease Management
00.6 Immediate Availability of Meter Dose Inhalers to Asthmatic Students
00.5 Color Coding Meter Dose Inhalers for Improved Asthma Management
00.4 OTC Anti-theft Labeling
00.3 Support for a Standardized Pharmacy Benefit Identification Card
00.2 To Honor Jimmy McDonald
00.1 To Honor William S. Chance

1990-1999 RESOLUTIONS (click here to read):

99.8 To Honor Emmett S. Manley, Jr.
99.7 Support for the Quality Health-Care Coalition Act of 1999
99.6 Timely Notification of Providers by Third Parties
99.5 Encouragement of Patients to Talk to Pharmacists
99.3 Recognition for Pharmacists as Health Care Providers
99.2 To Honor Kenneth E. Avis
99.1 To Honor Rolland Carvel (Dudley) Hoskins
98.6 To Honor Shawn D. Pruitt
98.5 To Honor Jay Phipps, Jr.
98.4 To Honor Timothy L. Tucker, Pharm.D.
98.3 Planning Money for a University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy Building
98.2 Reimbursement for Claims Processor Failures
98.1 Funding of Tennessee Poison Centers
97.7 To Preserve the Practice of Compounding
97.6 To Support the Patient Advocacy Act
97.5 To Include Pharmacist Reference on OTC Labels
97.4 For Development of Disaster Assistance Plans
97.1 Anorectic Drugs
96.6 Regulation and Restriction of “Nutritional Supplements”
96.5 To Establish a Special Committee on Compounding Practice
96.4 To Honor Senator James Rand McNally
96.3 To Honor Representative Shelby A. Rhinehart
96.2 Counseling Counter Height
96.1 Support of the Proposed Tennessee Pharmacy Practice Act
95.10 Communication of the Value of Pharmacists’ Services
95.8 Resolution in Memory of Ernest Crouch
95.7 Formation of a Society for Consultant Pharmacists
95.4 Compensation for Cognitive Services
95.3 CPR/ACLS/PALS Certification for Pharmacists
95.2 Support of Pharmaceutical Care Model as the Standard of Practice
95.1 Tennessee Board of Pharmacy Rule 1140-4-.13, Dispensing
94.4 Starter Packages
94.3 Third Class of Drugs
94.2 Therapeutic Substitutions
94.1 Preserving the Art of Compounding
93.4 Home Infusion Therapy Compensation
93.3 Support for Building a New Facility for the College of Pharmacy on the Memphis Campus
93.1 North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
92.10 Mail Order Pharmacy – Catalog
92.9 Federal Employee Prescription Benefit Program
92.8 Commendation of Senator David Pryor (AR), Senator Jim Sasser, and Senator Al Gore
92.6 Patient Profile and Counseling
92.2 Home Infusion Therapy
92.1 Consumer Protection
91.11 Expiration Dates
91.10 National Drug Codes
91.9 Dosage Form Imprints
91.4 Third Class of Drugs – OTC
91.3 Claims Form Format (Third Party)
91.2 Governmental Competition
91.1 McCarran-Ferguson Act
90.10 Physician Dispensing
90.9 Printed Name of Prescriber
90.8 Communicate of Prescription Orders
90.7 UT College of Pharmacy – Increase Class Size
90.6 Commendation of Senator David Pryor
90.5 Discriminatory Pricing
90.4 Long-Term Care
90.3 Appreciation for Tom Clayton Sharp, Jr.
90.2 Patient Counseling (CE)
90.1 Tobacco – Smoke-Free Environment

1986-1989 RESOLUTIONS (click here to read):

89.7 Mail Order
89.6 Triplicate Prescriptions
89.4 Sampling
89.3 Medicaid
89.2 Amphetamines
89.1 Prescription Refills
88.1 Medic Alert
87.2 To Honor Senator James Sasser
87.1 Legal Support
86.1 Codeine Containing Cough Preparations