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WhyAreWeHere25719909_sThe Tennessee Pharmacists Association (TPA) is the only membership organization serving all pharmacy professionals, student pharmacists, and pharmacy technicians in Tennessee, in all practice categories and across the state. Together, we are stronger. Read about some of the invaluable benefits of TPA membership.

MissionStatement19683970_sThe Tennessee Pharmacists Association advances, protects, and promotes high-quality pharmacist-provided patient care in Tennessee.

SomethingForEveryone3308188_sSomething for everyone: If you aren’t a pharmacist, student pharmacist, or technician, but you have an interest in what’s going on in the pharmacy profession or in TPA—either because of your work or because a close friend or relative is a pharmacist member—considering joining TPA as an Associate or Alliance member!

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• Five Core Priority Goals of TPA:


Browse the Member Center