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Legislative Activity

URGENT: Assistance from ALL TPA Members Needed TODAY!

You Have a Voice: TPA

The Governor’s Administration released its amended budget yesterday, in a hearing attended by TPA staff. This amended budget included funds allocated to cover the 1% provider rate reductions to the TennCare program which were proposed in FY 2015-2016. HOWEVER, funding was NOT restored for the proposed pharmacy AWP-based cuts totaling $17.4 million ($6 million in state funds and $11.4 million in federal matching funds). 

It is now up to the Senators and Representatives listed below and YOUR legislators to decide whether or not to restore these cuts and fund pharmacy practice initiatives! If these cuts are not funded, pharmacy will experience a decrease in AWP reimbursements for brand name medications, generic medications, and specialty medications.

CLICK HERE to see how the proposed TennCare cuts would affect pharmacy practice.

TPA is urging EVERY MEMBER to contact the legislators below, as well as YOUR legislators, regarding three very important pieces of pharmacy-related legislation:

  • Restoration of Proposed AWP-Based TennCare Cuts to the Pharmacy Program from FY 2015-2016
  • HB 587 by Shepard, Todd, Harrison / SB 593 by Haile – Funding for Pharmacy Robbery Enhancement Factor Legislation
  • HB 2398 by Littleton, Shepard, Sexton C, Swann, Carr / SB 1882 SB 1882 byMcNally, Crowe, Overbey, Haile, Bowling – Funding for MTM in Medicaid Legislation
To assist you in contacting your legislators, TPA has prepared an email template that includes all three of these messages in one email that can be directed to your legislators using your zip code. To send this email through T-PLAN, TPA’s automated email service, please CLICK HERE. Be sure to customize your email before sending it along to your Tennessee Representative and Tennessee Senator.

In addition, please contact the following Senators and Representatives individually.

Senate Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Randy 741-6806
Bo Watson1st 741-3227
Doug Overbey2nd 741-0981
Steven 741-6679
Ferrell 741-1999
Thelma 741-2453
Joey 741-3100
Bill 741-6853
Mark 741-1967
John 741-4576
Reginald 741-2509

House Finance, Ways and Means Committee

Charles Sargent, 741-6808
David 741-8695
Joe 741-0768
Kevin 741-1350
Karen 741-1898
Mike 741-3025
Barbara 741-4295
Bill 741-1721
Craig 741-2134
Brenda 741-1997
David 741-7482
Patsy 741-2746
Gary 741-7480
Matthew 741-2251
Curtis 741-4341
Susan 741-7462
Gerald 741-2548
Steve 741-0750
Steve 741-1920
Larry (615) 741-4453
Bo 741-4317
Curry 741-1866

Thank you for your assistance with this very important effort! TPA will continue to keep members informed as developments unfold.